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"We are quite passionate and committed to our companies and our projects which we feel makes a big difference in all of our lives."

Embraer Tucano 312F

(19) Tucano Military Aircraft Sold and Imported to the USA.

Meridican Capital facilitated the successful bid and purchase of nineteen Embraer Tucano Military Aircraft, spare motors and spare parts from the French Air Force.  The aircraft are used for contract military flight training in the United States for U.S. Department of Defense customers and U.S. Allies.

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The FlightFerry Company | Wigcraft, Inc. 

Wing-in-Ground Effect - Advanced Air Mobility Technology 

Meridican Capital is facilitating the technology transfer, development and equity raise for this wigcraft manufacture technology company entering into the U.S. market for the development of maritime commercial passenger and cargo carrying wigcraft vessels. We are currently streamlining manufacturing techniques and processes to lower the cost of production.  This includes the implementation of improved advanced carbon fiber materials which are 3 times lighter and 8 times stronger than aluminum metals.

Canadair CF-5D

(2) Canadair (Northrop) CF-5's

Meridican Capital facilitated the successful purchase of two (2) Canadair (Northrop) CF-5D, dual seat, jet trainer aircraft. The aircraft are used for commercial air services contracts for pilot flight training in the United States for U.S. Department of Defense customers and U.S. Allies.

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Fire Drones, Inc 

Fighting Wildfires with Autonomous Formation Drone Technology 


FireDrones, Inc., is developing a first ever, advanced, low cost, 3D printed eVtol autonomous FireDrone which fly's in formation with other FireDrones to extinguish wildfires before they develop into large out-of-control fires. We will also assist in suppressing and extinguish residential home and structure fires . 

  • Autonomous Formation Drone Technology (AFDT)

  • FireDrones are 3D printed and produced

  • Carbon fiber and Kevlar material lining.

  • 8 times stronger than aluminum and 5 times lighter.

  • FireDrones will be low-cost and scalable worldwide

  • eVTOL drones with 30+ minutes duration

  • Drones are launched from fixed and mobile platforms

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Global Military Aircraft Fund

Invest in Military Aircraft Assets

Meridican Capital is facilitating the development of the Global Military Aircraft Fund (GMAF).  The Fund will purchase military and business aircraft globally and lease to qualified US defense contractors for flight & ground training operations with the US Department of Defense and our Allies. For contracted Adversary Air Support (AAS) and Close Air Support Training (CAS) programs. The fund will lease and sell military aircraft to authorized US Commercial Air Service companies, the US Government, approved US aviation museums and authorized US citizens. 

Uganda Wildlife Authority

New Drone and ISR Technology

Meridican Capital is facilitating the development and structured finance of new turn-key air-support programs along with its partners to provide air surveillance and drone aviation services, including park ranger training in an effort to eradicate the poaching of its wildlife animal population in Uganda's Wildlife Parks and Sanctuaries.


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