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November 2020


Meridican Capital is celebrating the two year anniversary of the East-West Museum and Foundation. The East-West Museum is collecting historical military, commercial aircraft, maritime, military artifacts, tanks, and uniforms used in WW-I, WW-II, Korea, and the Vietnam war.  Artifacts will be from all over the world, including the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, China, and Vietnam. The East -West Museum will also be sponsoring the Veterans Vault initiative. 

December 2019


The Professional Baseball League (PBL) has singed a letter of intent (LOI)  to purchase the Atlantic City Surf Baseball Club, Atlantic City,New Jersey. Meridican Capital is facilitating the project with project details to follow. 

January 2020

Red Air Statement $6.4B.JPG

Meridican Capital signs a project development agreement with Alta Sierra Residential Homes to fundraise and manage the development of its new Golf Course Residential Homes project.  New single family homes being developed inside of Alta Sierra Estates, Nevada County, California in 2023 opening in the Fall of 2022.

May 2020

F-16 Red Air.JPG
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