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Meridican creates greatness from its strategic capital investments....

The company was founded after decades of working in aerospace and aviation industries with extensive and specialized experience in support of our U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Government agencies and our allies.

Generally, our investments and advisory services are focused on aerospace, defense, eVTOL, maritime, smart technology and other innovative companies that we feel are disruptive and can make a big difference in our world.

l39 3ship
Embraer Tucano 312
Africans Learning DRONE

About Meridican

We enjoy playing a big role in helping companies realize their high-growth potential. We discover value by identifying great companies and then enhancing their performance by providing them capital and operating support to further develop wonderful and strong management teams.
We help our portfolio companies, our partner companies and companies we have affiliations with, grow new core businesses, launch new initiatives, upgrade technologies, know-how, and systems to support everyone’s long-term strategy. And ultimately to accelerate long term enterprise and company value.

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